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Project Description

The Wfdb C# Wrapper Library is a .NET library written in C# that encapsulates the WFDB -Waveform Database native interface library. This class library has been developed to allow simplified access to the Waveform databases from any .NET language while offering .NET coding style and standards. It has been tested both using Microsoft's .NET framework and Mono Framework under Linux and Windows Operating Systems.

The code bundle comes with a small set of unit tests along with some sample code that has been ported from the native C bundle. The samples and tests will help new developers get used to the classes and the underlying architecture of the library.

At this point, the library wraps all the native C functions and their corresponding data structures and allows the developer to make calls to the native library using both procedural and OOP coding styles.

At this time, the wrapper library does not support multithreaded access to the signals' data due to the limitations of the native library.

The source code documentation comes from the WFDB Programmer's Guide by George B Moody.

For more information on the WFDB Library please visit the official page:

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